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Yet another boring subject line.

The majority of yesterday ended up being unpredictably pleasant, but things took a toll for the worse when I least suspected it. The worst days always end up like that for some reason. Cindy-- my mother’s stepbrother’s wife--ended up making Thanksgiving just what I expected. She first commented on my appearance by exclaiming, “You look just like your mother, it kills me!” and as she said this I glanced over to my brother and watched him deride surreptitiously at the mendacity of her comment. Also, it was pretty ironic because for once in my life I actually didn’t expect anyone to start conversation with something rather tedious and “obvious” to them.

I was tired the entire time I was there too. I hadn’t slept in twenty-four hours. I rested my head on the arm of the chair and closed my eyes only to rouse to yet another offensive conversation starter. “Tired?” she chuckled. “I’m tired too, but I’m forty and you’re, what, fourteen?” I shook my head no and tried to brush the assumption off as she continued guessing my age lower and lower until I finally mumbled my age. As always I smiled as she kept jabbing at my already bruised ego for the last few hours before everyone departed.

My brother and I visited the lake before and after dinner to get away from everyone. That’s really the only time I enjoyed myself.

Enough about Thanksgiving though.

Bud called twenty minutes before 12pm and asked if I wanted to work today. Wanting more hours I of course told him it wasn’t a problem. I lost track while doing push-out and drinks, and ended up sweeping cigarette butts and leaves on a windy day because Kenny Mac probably saw I wasn‘t much help. After about fifteen minutes of sweeping the front and feeling the laughter of others as I made a fool of myself, Jenny walked out in her usual high-pitched tone and exclaimed, “Kenny Mac is insane!” She grabbed another broom and started sweeping alongside me. I’d say that was a pretty nice gesture if I wasn’t one of her many excuses to go outside and puff away at a cigarette. Help is help though.

The only positive today was being able to work with Toni. Siroan says he's going to have her train me on front cash Sunday for two hours. Finally.
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