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Employee of the Month?

I’ve been fasting for almost three days now. I know it’s a defense mechanism for dealing with customers and irksome rushes, but my mind’s playing tricks on me, convincing me that the fasting is the reason things have gone smoothly. I’m less panicking and rushing; I’m just mellow and am able to avoid the amount of people waiting inside while I do push-out and drinks, which is actually helping me keep up with who’s drink is who’s because, as I said before, when I’m not panicking I’m adept in handling almost anything.

Today was actually pretty nice, not extraordinary, but definitely mellow and not so overwhelming. Siroan had me clock in twenty minutes early and intended on having me trained on front cash in two hours, but Jennifer decided it wasn’t a good idea and argued somewhat with the new assistant manager. She didn’t understand why Jennifer was doing this. She asked how I was ever going to learn front cash if she keeps shunning me from it and Jennifer said--sounding almost like a broken record--that I don‘t talk enough. Needless to say I didn’t get trained yet again. Siroan patted me on the shoulder and apologized. “I’ve been promising you all week. I’m trying.” he said. Then his shift was over and he left.

Rumor also has it that I’m the next Employee of the Month, however, when Keisha first told me; I thought she was being facetious. The first reaction was to laugh, but as I shook my head and smiled, she realized I didn’t believe her so she exclaimed again, “I’m serious! It’s on the paper and everything. It says Employee of the Month and your name is beside it.”

Again, though I knew she wasn’t lying this time, I presumed maybe it was a mistake and I couldn’t figure out why they’d choose me as Employee of the Month. She asked me why I didn’t look so excited. I guess after a long time of working there my goal wasn’t to become Employee of the Month anymore; it was to become better at my job. It’s certainly a nice motivator though.

Toni told me I have 28 hours a week either this week or the next. I’m going to assume it’s the next. It seems like my hours are only being sectioned into more days and smaller shifts this current week. If it is true, yay, if not, I just finished parading around Jacksonville to drop off three applications this morning before work. I’m bound to at least get one call soon. Hopefully.
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