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Mundane day number five hundred sixty-seven.

Well, today wasn’t too bad. It wasn’t as spectacular as it could’ve been, but I guess you could say it was one of those monotonous days that don‘t really stand out. Scratch that, after having a horrible day yesterday it did stand out a bit for once. I know 95% of the reason was because we were tediously slow. The other 5% was due to Toni cheering me up ten minutes before I clocked in. Seeing her for only two hours a week depresses me sometimes because I’d much rather have my schedule based on the hours she’s working. Like Nathan, she’s unusually patient and very calm when something goes wrong, but for some reason there’s a secret conspiracy of having me work with either competitive sixteen year olds who aren’t at all helpful or lazy bums.

Really, the only thing that would honestly improve this job would be the ability to get more into the rhythm of doing boards during the rushes. I’ve also been begging for over a week to be trained on front cash, but they keep blowing it off and putting me on broiler. I presume they have a lot of other things on their mind, that, or they see me as a lost cause and feel I might scare off customers with my so-called “disability“. I actually have at least five people who regularly come in and believe I’m seriously unable to talk, and every time they ask, I’m too lazy to do anything else but nod my head yes.

Brittany and Toni always ask me why I’m not inquiring for more hours. I desperately need the hours--especially now that my grandmother has terminal lung cancer and has only one more chance to take a trip to Biloxi--but I figure asking for more hours is a waste of energy and time. Having one of your worst employees taking up the hours for, say, the greatness of Brittany and anyone but me would be a little too vexing for Bud to deal with. So, I’m trying to improve myself. Once I feel I’m worthy of working part-time hours I’ll take it upon myself to say, “Hey Bud, I’ve been working hard lately and I feel I’m getting a little better. Could I possibly have more hours?”

Right now I’m going to try balancing two jobs. I’m hoping since now I’m more used to being around people compared to my first day at Burger King, I could try starting over so-to-speak and make up a new personality at Subway or Larry’s Giant Subs. Usually these plans backfire once I’m in the situation, but who knows, maybe Subway will actually train me and I’ll grow more accustomed to talking with the customers this time. Maybe that’s all I really need: a fresh new start with a competent manager.
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